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December 30th, 2013

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Wildlife in Focus

with ecologist Sue Stevens

The speedy Gonzales of the bird world this bird can twist and turn like those fighter jet plants on Top Gun, but it miniature form of course.

But that’s only one of the marvellous adaptations that this bird has that’s made it possible to survive all this time.

Let’s hear about more surprising facts about this bird…

PLAY: Rainbow Bee_eater_25th December_2013

Sadly, people are still the main danger as you heard. Yep, some apiarists shoot these birds even though they’re a protected native species.

Being shot is hard to avoid but these birds are also predated on by animals including dingoes and monitor lizards.

But they’re not silly because a bit like minor birds when threatened, they'll engage in mobbing behaviour -- emitting an alarm call and flying directly at the potential predator. This may start with one or two birds but can escalate so a whole flock is mobbing the predator.

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