Real World Gardener Purple Hardenbergia in Plant of the Week

July 13th, 2020


Scientific Name: Hardenbergia violacea

Common Name: Native Sarsparilla, Happy Wanderer

Family: Fabaceae



Grows:the species form grows to 6m. There are many other forms that grow only as a sub-shrub or smaller climber.

Etymology: Hardenbergia...after Franziska Countess von Hardenberg.

violacea...referring to the typical flower colour


Hardenbergia_violacea2.jpg"Happy Wanderer" (very vigorous, purple flowers)

"Pink Fizz" (pink flowers - climbing, not vigorous)

"Mini Haha" (compact, shrubby - purple flowers)

"Alba" (white flowers)

"Free 'n' Easy" (whitish flowers, vigorous climber)

"Blushing Princess" (shrubby - mauve-pink flowers)

"Purple Falls" (trailing - purple flowers, good for rockeries)

"Bushy Blue" (shrubby - blue-purple flowers).

If you love the colour purple in the garden you’ll love this next plant because it’s got it all. 
It’s tough, it flowers for ages, and you don’t even have to do too much to look after it. 
Let’s find out more...
I'm talking with Adrian O’Malley, qualified horticulturist and native plant expert. 
PLAY: Hardenbergia violacea_1st July 2020 

There’s so many Hardenbergias to choose from that come in not just creepers or climbers, but small little shrubby things that spread a bit. 

Some of the shrubby forms of Hardenbergia are very useful for mass plantings, rock gardens, retaining walls and banks for home gardens and larger landscapes. 

There are some good shrubby forms on the market such as ‘Bushy Blue’, ‘Purple Spray’ and ‘Regent’ which can grow from 60cm tall (‘Bushy Blue’) to 1.5m tall (‘Regent’). ‘Mini Haha’ is a compact dwarf form but it is not as robust as other types. 

There’s also ‘Meema’ will grow to approximately 450mm tall with a 2 metre spread which is ideal for outcompeting weeds and creating a ground cover with a shrubby appearance. 

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