Real World Gardener Pruning 101 Aftercare in Design Elements

December 6th, 2019


Pruning 101 After Care

You’ve pruned the branches on that tree so you can walk underneath it, but what do you need to be careful of?

Are there trees that don’t really need much pruning at all?

What care should be taken when you finished all that pruning?

All these questions answered and more.

I'm talking with Jason Cornish from

Let’s find out.


For grafted trees, or shrubs, this includes roses, if there is a shoot below the graft, called a sucker, that must come off because it belongs to the vigorous understock.

If left there, this shoot will take over from the upper part of the tree or shrub, which may actually die off if you don’t remove the sucker.


Pruning a peach tree

Pruning fruiting trees is best carried out when buds have begun to swell but not fully open, if you want to do formative pruning.

Remove about one -third of growth each year, keeping in mind that peach trees fruit on one your old wood.

Unlike other fruit trees, peach trees need to be opened up in the centre so that the branches form a vase shape.

Removal of crossing or dead twigs or branches can be done at anytime, as seen in the photo.


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