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April 14th, 2014

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with Steve Falcioni, of eco Organic Garden,


This new segment-Plant Doctor, looks at different pests and diseases that can occur in your garden.

Do you find that no matter how carefully you look after your garden, there are plants that seem to get everything wrong with them?

Then you’re left wondering, is it me? Is it the wrong climate? Should I spray with something? Should I forget about this plant?

Well today’s look at what can go wrong is about a fungal problem that seems to hang around during the warmer months.

1-ADE_3553.JPGFungal diseases are caused by microscopic spores that float through the air landing on just about everything in your garden.
As soon as the spores find the right environment, the fungus starts to grow.

Doing nothing only increases the problem and eventually reduces the life of the plant. But there are environmentally friendly or organic ways to treat problems.

One of the best ways to treat powdery mildew is to use Potassium bicarbonate, available as eco Fungicide and eco Carb for roses. This is best applied with a sticker of horticultural oil, so that it stays on the plant after rain. The potassium bicarbonate works so well, that it bursts the fungal cells, 5 minutes after application.

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