Real World Gardener Powder Puff Tree is Plant of the Week

March 16th, 2018


 Calliandra heamatocephala 

If someone told you that the flowers on a particular tree were like a powder puff, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that it was from a lily pilly.

Lily Pillies don’t hold the whole ball of wax on staminous flowers.

In fact if you think about it, gum trees have staminous flowers: that is, flowers that are made up of stamens but no petals.


Calliandra tweedii, Pom Pom bush

Today though, it’s another family that has this trait and it’s one to look out for.

Let’s find more.

I'm talking with Karen Smith of



Calliandra tweedii is also known as the Mexican Flame bush because of its fiery red flowers. 


Calliandra tweedii: Mixican Flame Bush photo: Magnus Manske

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