Real World Gardener Potting Mixes Explained part 2

July 10th, 2015

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African Violet 'Tineke'

Talking with Horticultural Scientist Penny Smith

Potting mix can vary from brand to brand and of course there’s often a big price difference between the cheaper brands and the more expensive ones.

So should we just buy any old potting mix?

to begin with, you should always buy mix that's suitable for the plant.

African violets have their special mix so their fine roots can grow properly.

orchid%2Bpotting%2Bmix.pngOrchids, on the other hand, need a very chunky, open mix because their roots need to have more space to grow.

After you hear this segment, you might want to rethink your purchase choice.

There’s quite a lot of information about potting mix, and I suppose the one thing we didn’t mention is that idea of putting broken pits of pot, or foam pieces over the drainage hole.

Not a good idea because you create what’s called a perched water table in that the water doesn’t want to make that leap from potting mix to another substrate and mostly stays at the bottom of the pot and around the roots.

If you’re worried about potting mix falling out of the hole, just put some open weave mesh across it.



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