Real World Gardener Pools to Ponds part 2 in Garden Design

August 3rd, 2014

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with Landscape Designer Jason Cornish
Last week, we started part 1 of pool conversions and what was involved.

We discussed why Swimming pools get a bad rap in enviro-circles-they cost a great deal to build, waste huge amounts of water and energy for maintenance, use chemicals to keep them clear and ‘safe’, and they take up a lot of space. Many people also just find them a lot of work to look after, which is especially annoying when they use them only for a couple of months of the year at best.

But, what if you’re already lumbered with a pool and are trying to make the best of the situation? Maybe it came with your property, or hindsight has kicked in after you’ve shelled out thousands to install something you almost never use…. What then?

Today we’re looking at what will actually happen to the pool itself, and allay your worries about insect pests that might come about from doing this type of pool conversion.

Something to think about if you don’t want that pool anymore.


Simply draining the pool isn’t the answer either, because the pool interior will still require periodic sweeping and cleaning if you want to avoid raised eyebrows from your mother-in-law and other guests.

Pool conversions are more practical than just filling in the hole and you have something aesthetic too.

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