Real World Gardener Pool Trends in Design Elements

May 10th, 2017



Pool Trends


From pools that seem to abound around urban gardens, they all look pretty much the same.

These days, people are going for the glass fencing, concrete surround and blue tiles for the pool floor.



Black tiles in KifsgateGarden, England photo M Cannon

So what else can pool lovers do?


Let’s find out? I'm talking wiht Matt Leacy Principal Director and Landscape Designer from Landart Landscapes.


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Pool tiling trends really go from one extreme to the other – either dark, close to black tiles or completely white.

“With a complete white tiled pool you get a really natural water colour,” Matt Leacy says.

“A black pool will give you a certain amount of elegance and can sort of act as a reflector.

If you want a point of difference to your pool that’s a great option.” 


Not enough space for a pool this big?

Patterned tiles running along the water’s edge have also seen a resurgence.

And if you don’t have a big backyard, don’t be like some urban households with small backyards who still put in large pools instead of opting for a small plunge pool or custom made spa.

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