Real World Gardener Pool to Pond Conversions in Design Elements

July 27th, 2014

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with landscape designer Jason Cornish

Have you got a pool that you don’t use any more?

The kids have grown up and it’s just sitting there looking a bit green.
You might need more space that the unwanted pool is taking up.
Pools cost quite a bit to put it in so what happens when they become just one big drain on the pocket?
Filling them in is an option, but that’ll be quite expensive too.

So what else can you do with that pool, even with a budget in mind?


Let’s find out what this is all about.
Something to think about if you don’t want that pool anymore. Besides the unused pool is probably acting like a pond anyway, but you can make it into a more environmentally friendly ecosystem what will attract dragonflies and even small birds if you plant sedges along the edges.
apart from the environmental benefits, you'll be using less chemicals-good for your hip pocket and the planet.
Less power usage if you don't want or need a pump in the pond.
You can still swim in the pool if you like and the conversion is reversible.
Pool conversions are more practical than just filling in the hole and you have something aesthetic too.

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