Real World Gardener Pool Fence Aesthetics in Design Elements

May 25th, 2017


Pool Fence Aesethics


It may seem odd to talk about pools right now as we head into winter, but it’s probably a good time to think about the aesthetics of the pool.

If you don’t have a pool you may be wondering what this is all about?




Surely the pool is just that, a pool that sticks out like a sore thumb in the garden.

If that’s the case though, then you’re missing something, and there are ways to make the backyard pool look aesthetically pleasing.

How do you achieve this?


Let’s find out? i'm talking with Matt Leacy Principal Director from Landart Landscapes.



Making the pool fence disappear seems to be the thing to do so that you focus more on the garden and the pool.


Rather than a piecemeal approach, consider hiring a designer to make your pool look like part of the landscape.

If you have any questions about pool aesthetics, contact Matt or email us here at

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