Real World Gardener Plants That Suppress Weeds in Design Elements

May 24th, 2018


Plants That Suppress Weeds


We all lead busy lives and want a garden that not so much low maintenance, after all I’m not sure that exists, but want a garden that doesn’t need so much work.


Cyanotis somaliensis


Garden designer Peter Nixon suggests it’s all in the choice of our plants, but our heart often rules over our head and we end up buying plants that need plenty of maintenance.

So what can we do to make gardening tasks easier?

I'm talking withPeter Nixon Garden Designer and Director of Paradisus Garden Design.

Let’s find out.



Peter mentioned Diclipetera suberecta

Dicliptera sub-erecta syn. sericea – with sage green leaves and orange trumpet flowers;this plant takes sun or shade so it can grow in the hot west or the southern side of the house.

Cyanotis somaliensis-you may have heard it called furry kittens or pussy ears.

Polia cristata - Commelina relative


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