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March 23rd, 2018


Plants for Chickens

Have you hankered after keeping chickens or have some of your own already?

If you’ve thought about it for ages, it may be time to bite the bullet and get three.

Chickens are a flocking bird so three’s the minimum so that they feel safe.

But what else can you do to keep the chickens happy other than having a nice chicken coop and daily fresh water?


3 Bantams photo: M Cannon

Let’s find out . I'm talking with Margaret Mossakowska from


Chickens self-medicate if they feel something is missing.

They will eat more of the food that will help them. 

Plant plenty of Rue, wormwood and Comfrey.


Ruta graveolens: Rue

Comfrey has plenty of Calcium which is good for chickens because that's what they need for shell forming.

If you have room to plant a deciduous fruit tree like a mulberry tree near your chicken coop, that would be ideal.

Other trees that are useful or Fig trees, Apple trees and Elderberry trees.



If you have a small back yard you still a tree because there are plenty of dwarf apple trees to choose from.

While the tree grows to a suitable size, you will have to put up some other sort of protection from the sun, and rain.

Of course if they’re free ranging during the day, they can shelter under other big trees or shrubs you have in the garden


If you have any questions either for me or for Margaret, you can email us or write in to 2rrr, PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675.

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