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June 12th, 2016

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Acid Soil pH and Acid Loving Plants

By now you know what your soil pH is and want to know what to grow in it without having to change it.

There’s quite a lot of plants that prefer either alkaline or acid soil, so today’s episode is concentrating on the acid loving plants.


Wisterias are acid loving plants. photo M Cannon

These plants are poor at obtaining iron – Iron is more widely available in an acid soil. The reason why these plants love acid soils is because they can obtain this iron under these conditions In an alkaline soil there will be an iron deficiency this can be identified by a yellowing of the leaves on the plant.  

Quite a few gardeners would know about quite a few plants that are acid loving plants, like Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons.

What about any others? Let’s find out. I'm talking with Glenice Buck, Consulting Arborist and Landscape Designer.

What if you want to grow some of these acid loving plants in more alkaline soil ?

A short term fix is by giving them more iron

Iron can be supplemented in the form of cheated iron, bought as a yellow powder.

Place a large spoonful into a watering can and water over the leaves and into the soil.

This type of iron as it soluble will be absorbed readily by the plant, however it is only a temporary solution and long-term remediation of the soil may be necessary.

Some acid loving plants are:

Rhododendrons are acid loving plants. Photo M Cannon

Coniferous shrubs and trees, Abelia ,citrus, azaleas and rhododendrons Ph4.5 -5.5

Magnolia, hydrangea,gardenias ,camellias, crepe myrtle, holly shrubs, calla lilies, wisteria, strawberries, ajuga and willows.

If you have any questions about measuring soil pH drop us a line to


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