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June 14th, 2018



Pittosporum " Tasman Ruffles"

Pittosporum tenuifolium "Tasman Ruffles."


Are you interested in a screening hedge that can grow to a metre a year?

This next plant has varieties that have delicate lacey leaves that are contrasted by that very dark coloured bark. 


The genus comes in a variety of shapes and sizes from quite small and almost self hedging to the larger screening shrubs.

I'm talking with Jeremy Critchley owner of and Karen Smith editor of

Let’s find out more about them


Originating in New Zealand, these plants are pretty hardy and even second line salt tolerant.


Pittosporum Golf Ball 

Jeremy also grows Pittosporum Golf Ball, which grows into the size of a basketball.

This pittosporum is ideal because it's practically self shaping with the internodes being much closer than you would expect to see on a pittosporum.


Pittosporums are generally tough plants but there is one exception though.

If you’re trying to grow a pittosporum on the shady south side of a fence in just half a metre of soil next to a pool, be prepared to be disappointed.

The bottom half will lose its leaves and you’ll eventually see them die off one by one.

This is the experience of a neighbouring garden which is little more than pool, these poor pittosporums and a patch of lawn.

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