Real World Gardener Pineapple Lily on Talking Flowers

February 17th, 2019


Pineapple LilyEucomis comosa

Pineapple%2Blily.jpgGrows in the wettest parts of South Africa where it orginates.


Member of the Asparagaceae family.

Pineapple lily is a bulbous perennial with a basal rosette of lime-green leaves.

Mercedes will say, Mr Pineapple Lily, because it starts from a bulb.

The thick stem  carries hundreds of small star-shaped flowers with a tuft of green bracts at the top. 


This sort of looks like a pineapple top, hence it's common name.

The Pineapple Lily as a cut flower will last for several weeks in the vase.

Cut the stem straight across, because the flower arises from a plant with a bulb, therefore Mr Pineapple Lily.

Remember to always use filtered water.



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