Real World Gardener Peruvian Lily in Talking Flowers

March 23rd, 2018



Named after Baron Claus von Alstrome, a Swedish baron who collected the seeds in the late 18th century on returning from a trip to South America.

You may know alstromeria as a gorgeous garden plant, but it makes a fantastic cut flower too, on its own or as part of a mix. There are at least 190 cultivars in just about any colour but blue. 

They flower nine months of the year so they are readily available. 

Reminded me of cats whiskers because of the markings on the inside of each flower.

They are poisonous to pets though, so bear that in mind. 


Alstromeria: Flickr photo

Mercedes Sarmini of Flowers by Mercedes tells you how to select your cut flower bunch and how to make them last.

I'm talking with florist, floral therapist, and floraholic, Mercedes Sarmini of

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