Real World Gardener Part 4 Designing with Grasses

January 6th, 2014

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Design Elements:

landscape designer Christopher Owen
This is the final week of designing with ornamental grasses.

We’ve covered the difference between ornamental grasses and strappy leaved plants, where to start with designing with these types of grasses and how they fit into various styles of gardens.

So today, we’re covering which grasses go best in pots to showcase them and which are best suited in drifts.

Also, Christopher talks about which landscape designers have embraced using grasses that you could follow up.

There are lots of reasons to use grasses, other than lawn grasses in your garden design.

Let’s find out some more of the….

Pennisetum advena Rubrum is one of the choices for featuring grasses in pots.

Either in a tall pot or a low wide pot.

Miscanthus variegata with the white stripe on the outside is another good choice.

Basically grasses that have bold colours in their leaves are best used for features in pots. More anonymous grasses do better in drifts in the garden.

A start at least into what can be done using grasses and there’s so many to choose from-native and non-native.

One of the best landscape architects and designers to look up Piet Oudulf, Wolfgang Oehme , and James van Sweden and Dan Pearson.

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