Real World Gardener Part 2 of Designing A Garden in New York State in Design Elements

September 7th, 2015

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Designing a garden in New York state with Landscape Designer Glenice Buck. : 

This series of garden design is about a garden in New York State and is situated very near to the Hudson river that also flows through New York.

Today’s challenges are to discover what plants including trees are growing there.

Looking through the trees at the south point. Photo Glenice Buck

The first thing that needed doing was to walk around the 2 acre property's perimeter and assess the vegetation, even identify the trees.

Not so easy when they’ve lost their leaves.

It seemed overgrown, like a forest of trees and dense undergrowth.

Also, what environmental problems that the garden faces, and not just the weather but things that might be on the move.

The climate zone where Glenice has designed the garden has temperatures down to -200C in winter with 40 inches or about a metre of snow on average, and in summer up to 300 C.

Looking towards the north point of the property in New York State. photo: Glenice Buck

After lots of walking around and taking photos, other landscape design essentials were garnered such as sun patterns, drainage, aspect, soil types, weeds and the four legged pests, the Deer.

Certainly big extremes of temperate which we don’t get here in Australia.

Still, plants that can cope with such extremes can cope with the climate in Australia as well with the exception that they won’t go so well in the tropics and sub-tropics.




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