Real World Gardener Part 2 of Autumn Gardening in Design Elements

March 30th, 2017

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Autumn Planting

I’m sure you’ve heard before that Autumn is one of the best times to get planting especially for native plants.

The reason is the roots will be able to put on some real growth before the winter months, and will be ready to get growing once Spring hits.


Let’s find out what preparation you need to do.

I'm talking with Glenice Buck consulting arborist and landscape designer from

PLAY: Getting Your Garden Ready for Autumn Part 3_29th March 2017


If you’ve already got some plants that are thriving in your garden, and you have spaces to fill, a good idea is to choose plants that are similar, or from the same family but perhaps with a different flower or foliage colour.

Yes the soil temperature is still warm enough to get good results with new plants and also get the plants in the ground and settled before the following summer months.

What are some tips for planting out new beds?

You need to remove all weeds and or grass from the area to be planted out – then you need to dig over the soil and see what the condition of the soil is – do you need to add more organic matter etc.


Glenice says "I always look at what plants I have growing in other areas of the garden – to see what I can lift an divide or if there is a plant not doing so well – if it would do better in the new bed. 

For species selection I also look at what has really thrived in the garden and try and pick either more of the same species – could be in a different colour or even something which is related to that plant."

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