Real World Gardener Part 2 Hedges in Garden Design

November 1st, 2012

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Design Elements:

with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid

Straight hedges, curvy hedges,
hedges for privacy, secret rooms, and windbreaks.

If you’re hedge is too much work,
gives you hay-fever, or just doesn’t look nice, pull it out. Yes, you can do

There’s so many varieties of
plants that make great hedges that don’t spend any more time looking at the sad
excuse of a hedge.

Plant a better one, or, plant
another one alongside, you’ll be glad you did.

So many hedges to talk about.

This concludes the series on Living walls and
vertical gardens, - great for small spaces, or even big spaces when we want to
include an intimate or cosy part into our garden.
You can’t go wrong if you listen into Design Elements’ Living Walls and
Vertical Garden Series.


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