Real World Gardener Part 2 Designing A Rural Garden

July 24th, 2015

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talking with Landscape Designer Glenice Buck

Last week a new series about re-working a garden on a farm property.

Today, Glenice works out where to put the fences to mark the garden.


Peppercorn Tree Drive-way photo Glenice Buck

It’s always interesting finding out what it’s like to be on someone’s personal journey in starting a garden on a location that used to be a farm paddock?

Finding out what challenges they faced. Was the soil be any good? Did they leave the existing trees? Was there a weed problem?

As the property is a working farm, Glenice said the she knew that for any plants to be able to grow, they needed to fence off the garden area so that the sheep and cattle wouldn't eat the plants.

The existing mature trees are about 100 years old and need to be considered as well.

Do they make up the garden?

(Listen to the podcast to hear all the details)

You would think that you should just get in there and start planting things without worrying too much about the soil and stuff.

Not so. If you don’t get the soil right, the aspect right and the drainage right, your putting yourself onto a patch of unhappy gardening. You also have to consider the climate to know what plants will survive.


Truck arriving with first load of plants photo Glenice Buck


The climate in the area has a temperature range of -4 C to mid 40's C

They also experience heavy frosts in winter and heat-waves in summer.

Average rainfall is 24 inches per year.

The weeds included Marshmallow weed, that had to be eradicated before the first truck of plants arrived.



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