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July 22nd, 2016

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PARSLEY Petroselinum crispum/Petroselinum neapolitana

There's curly Parsley, flat leafed Parsley and even Hamburg Parsley which is grown in Europe for it's root, then cooked as a vegetable.

In the UK, a poisonous version of Parsley, Fool's Parsley, that looks like flat leaf Parsley grows wild, like a weed so curly Parsley is the favourite over there.

Flat leaved parsley. photo M Cannon

Parsley is used so much in the kitchen that it should be growing in everyone’s garden.<?xml:namespace prefix = "data-blogger-escaped-o" />

It’s in the same family as celery, carrots and cumin and has been used as a herb for over 2,000 years.

Interestingly this herb (Parsley) was used in ancient Rome as ingredient of salads, to eliminate effects of a hangover and as ornament in the form of garlands for the head.

What’s so interesting about it?

Let’s find out . I'm talking with Ian Hemphill herb expert, book author and owner of Herbies Spices.

Did you know that the taste of parsley depends on the type of soil and climate conditions?

Parsley is one the most popular spices in the world.

Parsley seeds take a long time to germinate and need darkness rather than light to get them going.

The dried version of Parsley is very similar to the fresh and can be easily substituted in cooking.

Other than that, parsley is used in the cosmetic industry for the preparation of soaps and body lotions that are especially good for dry skin.

Parsley can pop up in all sorts of places if you let it self-seed.

Parsley is also used in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. 

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