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August 12th, 2016

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PAPRIKA Capsicum fruitescens.

Paprika is the most popular of spices and is found in many spice blends, especially for meat.

The Paprika fruit looks like a long and narrow chilli, but the Spanish variety is like a slightly squashed capsicum.

Paprika Red Banana

Alma Paprika


The top quality grades of Paprika are called "Noble Sweet" and these have the best flavour.


Without this spice Hungarian goulash, Spanish chorizos and Indian tandoori chicken just wouldn’t be the same.


Be warned, only use Paprika that's labelled Hungarian Sweet Paprika in your Goulash, otherwise the taste will be quite strong and unpleasant.

It's so famous in Hungary that there’s even a Paprika Museum in the town of Kaloscsa.

Let’s find out.. I'm talking with Ian Hemphill, owner of


That town in Hungary that Ian mentioned holds an annual Paprika festival every October.


Not only that, in the villages of Szeged and Kalosca, peppers are threaded onto long pieces of string and hung up to dry outside the houses and from garden fences.

Fun Fact:For those in the know, they can tell when the Paprika is the correct amount of dryness from the sound the dried Paprika makes when the wind rattles the peppers!

Cooking isn’t the only way Paprika is used.

Did you know some zoos use it mixed in with the feed to keep the bright pink hue of flamingoes!

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