Real World Gardener NSW Christmas Bush in Talking Flowers

December 31st, 2017


Christmas Bush: Ceratopetalum gummiferum


Ceratopetalum....from Greek ceras, a horn and petalon, a petal, referring to the petal shape of one species.

gummiferum....producing a gum.

In the home garden, I would regard this plant as a large shrub in people’s gardens rather than a small tree because it rarely grows to more the 4-5 metres.

That’s equivalent to Coastal Tee-tree.


The leaves are up to 3-7cm long and are divided into three leaflets or trifoliate, which are finely serrated and the new growth is often pink or bronze coloured. 

Leaves are opposite each other.

I grew these plants as part of a trial when I was studying for my Hort Diploma at Tafe some years ago.

Testing a variety of fertilisers for growth factors. 

Definitely one plant that doesn’t tolerate Phosphorus in the fertilizer. 

Native fertilisers only.

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