Real World Gardener NEW SERIES Mass Planting for Large and Small Gardens in Design Elements

August 17th, 2017



Mass Planting Series

Mass planting for large and small gardens part 1

Would you think that mass planting a garden would be something easy to do?

On the surface it sounds easy; just pick a couple of types of plants that you like and away you go, would that be right?


Mass planting for large gardens: Scampston, England photo M Cannon

The answer is no, because visually you might end up with such a boring garden as to be exasperating.

Have you heard the rule “ the greater amount of texture you use the louder your garden reads visually?”

Let’s find out about this wonderful rule.


PLAY: Mass Planting_large gardens_9th August 2017


That was Peter Nixon, Director of

Mass%2Bplanting-Paul%2BUrquhart.jpgIf you have a large expanse of garden with all the same colour green , the same leaf shape and the same texture, the garden will be homogenous and even boring.


You'll be asking "Where's my beautiful garden?"


Find plants that you like but try and like ones with different leaf shapes, colours and textures when you’re doing planting on a biggish scale.


Peter suggests as an example of texture and leaf contrast, Poa Eskdale with Opuntia Burbank Spineless.


If you want mass planting to hide the fence, try

Viburnum odoratissium "Dense Fence," or Quick Fence.


As Peter says, even if it’s a small garden, don’t put lots of little plants in, but less plants that are bigger works better.

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