Real World Gardener NEW Salvias are Plant of the Week

April 7th, 2017


New Salvias-Salvia "Black and Bloom."


Plant breeders are always looking for new varieties of existing plants for qualities such as larger flowers, longer flowering, disease resistance, more compact and in some cases self-cleaning.

But if you’re looking for plants that flower all year round with the minimum of care, then listen in carefully to find out what are some new varieties of an long flowering compact perennial.

Let’s find out about this plant.


Salvia Black and Bloom and Salvia Black Knight photo M Cannon



I'm talking with the plant panel:Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.

Play: NEW Salvias_29th March 2017

Jeremy mentions two salvias:


Salvia Black and Bloom photo M Cannon

  • Victoria Blue-is an old school Salvia.
  • Salvia "Black and Bloom." supports The Foundation for Mental Health.

Black and Bloom is very vigorous and the flowers are a true blue and black.

This one self layers.

Many small growers grab anything they can call ‘new’ without knowing much about the plant. 

Some people love to put new names on salvias which causes terrible confusion for the gardener.

But whatever you call them, they are rugged plants which grow in just about anything from rubbly clay. friable perfect loam, providing they are well drained or even sandy soil.

So get to it and grab some of those new salvias.

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