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July 28th, 2017




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If you’ve ever been to an international flower show in the northern hemisphere, chances are you turn green with envy when you see how easily these flowers can be grown.


These are tall plants that hover above most other flowering annuals you have in the garden but breeders have gone to the trouble of creating a sort of intergeneric hybrid that flowers for several months instead of several weeks. 



Of course the flowers are magnificent, so let’s find out what it is.


PLAY: Digiplexis digitalis_19th July 2017


That was Karen Smith editor of


Unlike standard foxgloves, which produce a single terminal spike, ‘Illumination Flame’ will develop several flower spikes simultaneously.


To get more flower spikes and a more bushy plant, just pinch or tip prune the stems.


Plant breeders also recommend because it’s a vigorous tall plant, that if you do want to grow it in a pot, choose a fairly big one.


If you have any questions about this Foxgloves or foxxies as some like to call them, email us

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