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September 26th, 2016

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Garden Styles: Cottage Gardens.

This series is about garden styles which RWG has visited over the years with different designers. 

It’s always good to revisit these styles to find out differing views as to what makes up the unique garden styles. 


Cottage Garden Cotswolds

You may not have a particular style in your garden but after hearing this series you may want to incorporate some of the plants that make up the various styles. 

We’re starting of with a cottage garden style.

Let’s find out more.I'm talking with Landscape Designer and consulting arborist Glenice Buck

 Some of the main ideas of a cottage garden are not dependent on the exact plants but on how that garden is arranged, and how the plants are cared for.

Low growing perennials make up the backbone of a cottage garden with some accent plants here and there.

But what’s not evident is those clipped shapes but instead plants that are allowed to grow into one another.


Scampston Cottage Garden UK. photo M Cannon

A cottage garden is known for its pretty flowering perennials. 

These gardens have a relaxed feeling with their informal style rather than a grand presence.  

 The plants are usually fluffy flowering plants seemingly growing into each other in peaks and mounds. The plantings are rarely in straight lines. Hedges would only be found on the outside or as boundaries of the garden.  Narrow winding pathways would meander, allowing visitors to wander and explore the garden.

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