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August 16th, 2015

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with Karen Smith, editor and Jeremy Critchley


Coprosma repens " Pacific Series"

What plants grew by the seaside when you were quite young and went to the beach with your parents?

They are pretty tough plants with shiny leaves that withstand extremely dry conditions and salt spray.

Often called Mirror Bush or Looking Glass Plant because the leaves are that shiny.

The flowers are insignificant, but people living near the coast used to plant these shrubs because they could withstand the salt spray and grew where nothing much else would.

Especially in neglected gardens or gardens of holiday houses.

Perhaps it’s one of these plants that we’re about to talk about?


Make sure you buy the newer types of Coprosma as in the Pacific series that are self sterile and not the weedy species Coprosma repens.


Coprosma 'Pacific Sunset' is a brilliantly coloured low growing evergreen shrub.

The leaves are coral red in the centre with broad dark red-brown leaf edges, very shiny and with an unusual wavy habit.

The growth is dense and compact, to around a metre and a half high and wide. It is great for low hedges and screens, and does beautifully in containers.

Grow in a sunny position to light shade in a moist soil. Feed with a handful of slow release fertiliser in spring.


Another new cultivar is Coprosma Pacific Sunrise.

coprosma%2Bpacific%2Bsunrise.jpg This is a striking evergreen plant growing to 1.5m high, with a glossy wave shaped leaf consisting of hot pink foliage and chocolate brown highlights.







That species Coprosma is a weed of coastal environs (i.e. sand dunes and headlands), heathlands, open woodlands, closed forests, temperate rainforests, wetlands, roadsides, disturbed sites, old gardens and waste areas in temperate regions.

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