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December 31st, 2017




The old varieties of this tough as old boots flowers, are often seen in neglected gardens but did you know its Greek name means love flower?

Love flower sounds much more romantic than the German Schmucklilie which translated means jewel lily.



This plant with its lily like flower grows almost everywhere except where it’s extremely hot or extremely cold.

Let’ s find out what it is. 'm talking with the plant panel: Jeremy Critchley of and Karen Smith, editor of



photo courtesy plants

In some areas they are used as a fire retardant plant because of their fleshy green leaves and also for holding banks and stopping erosion with their large and tangled root system.

In the norther hemisphere, Agapanthus, other than in their native South Africa need to be moved into unheated greenhouses in winter.

So don’t underestimate the humble Aggie, plus breeders are always looking for new colourways, so that you won’t be disappointed if you seek them out.

Some newer varieties to watch out for Australia

Agapanthus Black Pantha

Agapanthus Cascade Diamond

Agapanthus Snowball

Agapanthus Golden Drop with variegated foliage.

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