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May 22nd, 2015

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osteospermum.pngwith Jeremy Critchley of

 and Karen Smith, editor of

They look a lot like daisies and they are in the Asteraceae family, along with Shasta daisies and zinnia. But when these African daisies were first introduced to the market, they had colouring we weren't used to seeing. Many of their centre disks looked as though they were coloured with metallic paint.

Jeremy grows 63 different colour variations in his nursery. Just imagine. Some are shades of colours and others are bi-colours.



Botanical Bite

The daisy flower is not just a single flower but actually a cluster of much smaller flowers.

The "petals" or "sunrays" are individual strap-shaped sterile flowers called "ray florets", and the "central disk" is made of smaller circular shaped individual flowers called "disc florets"

Osteospermums are exceedingly drought tolerant and some varieties are self cleaning.

When they reach about 30 -40cm high they will become a bit leggy. At this stage give them a hard prune to about 10cm above the ground.



Osteospermum, or African daisies, and sometimes cape daisies.

Those of you who like marguerite daisies will love these daisies too.

There’s a Springstar range of cape daisies with names like Cardinal-a deep red, Magenta, Big Yellow, Cinnamon Orange Dark Pink and Kokoa-a dusky pink.

All of these have a white halo around the central disk.

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