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June 21st, 2015

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 with Jeremy Critchley owner of and Karen Smith, editor of


Nemesias with fragrance. photo J Critchley



You mightn’t have heard about this next low growing winter flower perennial, Nemesia species, with names like Quince, Cruela, Clementine and Raspberry.

If not, then you’ve been limiting your flower border or hanging baskets to the same old winter plants, like pansies and primulas.

Nemesia is in the snapdragon family.

Cool temperatures are fine for growing this plant and it’s frost tolerant once hardened off if you’re growing from seed.

1-IMG_4035.JPGAlso daylength doesn’t affect flowering of the new varieties that can flower for many months of the year.

The new Nemesias are also more tolerant of sun and can survive the summer months.


They’re at their best when massed.


Nemesias prefer to be planted in a sunny position but can still flower in part shade, alothough somewhat less.


Nemesias are ideal for bedding plants, borders, cluster planting and containers.

The vibrant colours of golden yellow, sunset red, clear pink, golden orange and creamy white flowers will certainly light up the garden beds, not to mention the fragrance that can be apparent up to 20 metres away.


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