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February 14th, 2015

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with garden designer Lesley Simpson


Royal Palace Seville photo M Cannon

When you think of oriental gardens, do you think of a quiet peaceful place where you can sit and meditate?

Where does the term Moorish garden or the Moors come from?

Back in Spain during the 8th century until the 14th century, the Arabs that invaded, conquered and ruled Spain, were referred to as Moors.

The oldest preserved Moorish garden is the palace in Grenada in south of Spain.

You need to book well ahead to visit that particular garden.

Instead of all that-


Moorish gardens always have a water feature and a courtyard or patio.

These gardens always seem to include mandarins, cypresses, oranges and oleanders.

If you have any questions about how to create a  moorish garden why not write in?

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