Real World Gardener Making Your Small Garden Look Bigger in Design Elements

February 22nd, 2013

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Design Elements


with landscape designer Louise McDaid

Over the coming weeks, landscape
Designer, Louise McDaid will be giving you expert solutions to some of the most
common problems that home-owners are faced with. Are you thinking my garden
doesn’t need anything done to it ? Or I just maintain my garden and it doesn’t
really need anything else. So I’ll ask you what if you heard something that
might make your garden that more special? What if you heard something that
might make you use your garden more than just toiling away to keep it neat and

Louise has some really great design
tips that might hold the key to changing how you see your garden and inspire to
create your special garden of eden.

. Let’s start with today’s garden
design problem…

Perhaps next time you buy some
plants, choose them to see how colours that recede and don’t recede work.

Plant out a bed of annuals in a pale
colour then add some strong coloured taller plants in the background. Stand
back and see what happens.
Doesn’t that sound exciting? Why not
try it out? There’s a lot of information in that design element so you may need to listen to it again a few times!!

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