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May 11th, 2014

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Design Elements

Maintaining Your Potted Garden

Glasshouse -ideal location for your overwinter pot plants.

How many pot plants do you have in your garden?

Too many? Do you think, I need to cut down, but there’s no room in the garden to plant them out and you’ve got those special plants that someone gave you or you just have to have.

Or, maybe you live in a villa, and potted gardening is all you really have room for. Yes, pot plants do need a reasonable amount of maintenance –but what do they really need?


When watering your pot plants does the water seem to run straight out the bottom?

Hmmm, that might be a sign of root crowding-in other words, the plant is pot bound and all the soil is used up.

Time to heave it over and give it a big root prune and refresh the potting mix.

If it’s too big, scrape off the top 10cm of soil and freshen it that way.

Better still, drill some large holes around the stem and throw in some water crystals and fresh potting mix.

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