Real World Gardener Luscious Persimmons are Plant of the Week

June 17th, 2016

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They’re orange and can be put into your kid’s lunchbox unpeeled, and can be eaten sliced or whole like a pear.

You can dice and freeze them, adding them to a smoothie as a thickener.

They can also be dried, changing them from a crisp consistency to a soft, date-like, chewy texture. Eaten this way, they are deliciously sweet and taste more like candy than dried fruit.

What is this tree? Let’s find out..I'm talking with horticulturalist Sabina Fielding-Smith

Persimmon Trees

Did you know that unripe Japanese persimmons are full of tannin, which is used to brew sake and preserve wood in Japan?

The small, non-edible fruit from wild persimmon trees in Japan are crushed and mixed with water. This solution is painted on paper to repel insects.

This solution is also thought to give cloth moisture-repellent properties.

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