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May 23rd, 2019


Herbal: Rosmarinus officinalis: Rosemary

Dew of the sea, what can that be?

Not a rhyme but a riddle about which herb that grows by the coast, and is used by herbalists and naturopaths.


Rosemary flowers

With a pretty little flower either white, pink or blue and needle like leaves, this herb grows easily and has a minty-sage or pine like flavour. 

No surprises that it belongs to the mint family. ( Lamiaceae).

Let’s find out more. I'm talking with Simone Jeffries, herbalist and naturopath.


LIVE: Rosemary_15th_ May 2019

The herb rosemary, is pretty hardy in any climate zone and most soils.

Rosemary-7558.jpgOne thing it detests is wet feet being a herb originating from the Mediterranean.

Rosemary leaves contain many essential components and strictly speaking, the distilled oil isn't a real oil because it contains no fat.

The main chemical components of rosemary oil include a-pinene, borneol, b-pinene, camphor, bornyl acetate, camphene, 1,8-cineole, and limonene.

Rosemary is regarded as a memory herb, probably because it helps your blood to circulate.

Good for tension headaches and energises you if you drink it as a tea

Steep a large bunch in hot water for 10 minutes in this case.

In Cooking:

Use it scones and orange cake or saute rosemary and fresh mushrooms with some butter. 

In stuffing for chicken, combine rosemary with thyme and sage with either rice or breadcrumbs. Delicious!


If you have any questions either for me or for Simone drop us a line to or write in to 2RRR PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675

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