Real World Gardener Lovely Banksia in Plant of the Week

July 18th, 2019


Banksia spinulosa

This next plant is a native but is often overlooked because people go for the more colourful and show Grevilleas.

They may come in limited colourways, but their flowers are much more substantial and spectacular, particular if you have several cultivars planted or grouped together.

Plus they provide nectar for wildlife during the colder months of the year.

Let’s find out about them

I'm talking with Jeremy Critchley owner of and Karen Smith editor of

Banksia spinulosa isn’t slow growing at all and within a couple of years, if grown from seed, will have reached over one metre tall and wide, plus provide a least 8 flower spikes.

These flower spikes you can either cut for the vase, or just leave on the bush for the native wildlife to enjoy.


Banksia spinulosa

As cut flowers, Banksias can last for months.


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