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January 26th, 2015

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with Karen Smith, editor of

Liriope muscari  Lily Turf

Does your garden lack design in some spots and just like a mish mash of plants?

 That’s OK if you like a mixture but if you want to connect some of your garden beds, you can do that with this next plant.

proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2F1.bp.blogspot.comDid you know that  Liriope muscari or lily turf is an understory plant in China, Japan, and Korea where it grows in shady forests?

Liriope is a tough rhizomatous perennial that goes best in part sun and dry shady spots.

So not a full sun plant, but for morning sun or shady parts of your garden where you need to cover the ground with something that will last well and not as tall as Cliveas, then give this plant a try.
Some varieties of Liriope.

Liriope muscari 'Samantha' has pink flowers.

'Evergreen Giant' grows to 80cm or more and is an excellent foliage plant in shade, not quite as tall as an an ornamental grass but makes good foliage contrast to broad-leaved plants such as Clivia, Alocasia, Begonia and bromeliads.
When the leaves look a bit shabby from overcrowding or over  winter, especially in colder regions, you can shear of the tops or even mow over them  in late August and the plants will recover after Spring rains.
Liriope is easy to propagate - just divide the clumps and spread them around the garden.



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