Real World Gardener Lilies are Talking Flowers

October 6th, 2017


All About Lilies

Lilies-Tiger, Asiatic and Oriental

The genus Lilium belongs to the family of plants known as Liliaceae. True lilies belong to this genus and, despite their names, some species such as the Peace lily or Day lily are not true lilies, despite the ‘lily’ part of their name.



There are true lilies and there are fake lilies.

What I call fake lilies are thoese flowers that look like lilies, have lily in their name, but are members of the Liliaceae family.

Some of these fake lilies are  Daylilies, water-lilies and arum-lilies.

Lily Flower Meaning

White: Virginity, purity, majesty. It’s heavenly to be with you.

Yellow: I’m walking on air. Happy.

Tiger lily: Wealth, pride.

Pink stargazer lily: Daydreamer, pure of heart. Heaven in your eyes. Congratulations.

White stargazer lily: Sympathy

Taurus flower


Lily contains compounds that induce renal failure in cats.

Even small amount of pollen can induce poisoning in cats.

If you want to have lilies inside the house, and you have cats, cut of the stamens which hold the pollen, and this will also prolong the life of the lily in the vase.

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