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October 24th, 2019


Lawn Alternatives for High Foot Traffic Areas.

So you’ve decided that you no longer want a lawn, but what will you walk on?

Greenery is better than paving because it’s more cooling in summer but of course needs more care.

I must say though, paving, or large concreted areas do have their fair share of maintenance as well. You can get weeds coming up in cracks, then the pavers or concrete get the dirty aged look so needs to be cleaned off with a high pressure water cleaner.

Not good in times of water restrictions.


But can you grow a waterwise plant alternative for high foot traffic areas? 

Pratia peduculata as lawn alternative

I'm talking with Glenice Buck from

Let’s find out.


  • The three top picks for lawn alternatives in high traffic areas are 
  • mini mondo grass
  • trailing pratia (Pratia pedunculata)
  • Dichondra repens.
  • A close 4th is native violet(Viola banksia).

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