Real World Gardener Kangaroo Grass in Plant of the Week

April 26th, 2021

Common Name: Kangaroo Grass
Scientific Name: Themeda australis/Themeda triandra
Family: Poaceae
Leaves: tufted native perennial grass with greeny blue leaves to 50cm.
Flowers: -from December to April. Flowers are typical grassy flowers with large red-brown spikelets, which occur on branched stems. 

Height: 1.5m tall by 0.5m wide.
Distribution: All over Australia
Interesting fact:  Indigenous Australians harvested it to make bread and string for fishing nets around 30,000 years ago.
Not a lawn substitute.
Hardiness: drought resistant, tolerant of extremes in temperature.
Growing from seed: 
Source your seed from a local area so the resultant plant is well adapted to your growing conditions.
Can be dormant up to 12 months.  
Kangaroo Grass does not transplant well but success if you're trying to germinate the seeds yourself, try using square tube stock pots which air prune the roots and stop the seedlings becoming root bound. 
When planted out, water crystals and slow release fertiliser should be placed in the hole with the seedling, it should then be watered in well.
Situation: Full sun or part shade in any type of soil.
I'm talking with Adrian O'Malley, native plant expert and horticulturist.
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