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October 31st, 2014

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Springs nearly over and you’ve probably pruned, weeded and mulched your garden but are some of your plants still looking overgrown and in need of attention?

photo M Cannon

There are still some jobs that need doing so

Hydrophobic soil can be treated organically by incorporating coco peat, compost or growing green manures.

Green manures for the warmer months include millet, buckwheat, Lucerne and alfalfa.

You can use any seeds that have past their use by date and throw them into the ground.

Just chop them off as they grow and let them decompose on top of the soil.

For those areas where rain has been below average, don’t fertilise your trees and shrubs, just keep up the watering.

photo M Cannon

When you’re watering it’s a good idea to add seaweed solution-better still use it in a hose on and it’ll take much less time and effort.

Trees that are drought stressed will be prone to dropping limbs or even dropping dead, so a good watering with seaweed solution will help with the recovery.

When it comes to mulching-trees are need woody mulches that break down with fungi.

 Soft mulches, such as sugar cane, tea tree and pea straw are needed for veggie beds because they feed the soil as they break down.

For a natural soil wetter, try Agar Agar which comes in a powder form. Mix it in with the soil then wet it down.

If you have any questions what needs doing in the spring garden, drop us a line to

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