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August 28th, 2019


Jacky Winter:Microeca fascinans

If someone asked you what bird sings loudly from high trees that sounds like a whistling call "chwit-chwit-chwit-queeter-queeter-queeter", would you hazard a guess or be completely in the dark? 
This bird happens to be Jacky Winter and is almost sparrow like in its appearance, weighing only 15 grams.

Jacky Winter

Let’s find out more? 
I'm talking with Dr Holly Parsons from 

Native to Australia, Jacky Winter is widespread in open woodland , preferring bare ground, rural towns and peri-urban areas.

An insect eating bird that dars out from its perch onto open ground but then flies back to that same perch or perhaps another nearby.
Very acrobat in the way they chase their insect prey.
Jacky Winter builds a cup shaped nest which is often positioned on a dead branch so it blends in better.
Bird Calls:
Bird call recognition can be tricky, especially if there’s no chance of seeing the bird, but have no fear. 
There are apps for your mobile phone which allows you to record the call and it will identify it for you. 
There’s even one called Shazam. 
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