Real World Gardener Jacaranda is Plant of the Week.

November 24th, 2014


Jacaranda mimosifolia or JACARANDA

photo M Cannon




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The blue jacaranda, or Jacaranda mimosifolia, is a type of deciduous tree that is grown in gardens all over the world for its beautiful and long-lasting purple flowers that often hang in long bunches.

Jacarandas are flowering simultaneously around Australia.

From Adelaide to Sydney, the purple flowers are filling our views, and carpeting our streets, and lawns.

Let’s find out about this plant.

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Some people think Jacarandas are native because they’re grown so much in in Australia, but they’re native to South America.

The jacaranda can be found in virtually any part of the world where there isn’t the risk of prolonged frost, so they can withstand brief bouts with cold temperatures reaching around -60 Celsius. It's also a tough, drought-tolerant tree that can handle a variety of soils and growing conditions.

photo M Cannon
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