Real World Gardener Ivy Alley Rare Nursery part 1 in Plant of the Week

December 13th, 2018


A visit to Ivy Alley Nursery

What kind of pots do you have in your garden?

Are they just plastic, or perhaps some concrete, terracotta, or even hanging baskets with coir peat liners?

Did you know, that before plastic pots, nursery people sold plants in either bare rooted, in terracotta pots, or "balled and burlapped" and intins?

Any old tin would do presumable as long as it had a drainage hole and was cleaned.


Pot plants at Ivy Alley

Today I’m about to take you on a fantastic journey with a nursery owner who goes beyond the plastic pot in her nursery.

I'm talking with Rachel Gleeson, horticulturist and owner of succulent and bonsai nursery, Ivy Alley.

Let’s find out.

Hopefully you’re inspired to use some unusual containers to pot up your plants.

Definitely take a leaf out of Rachel’s book.

Burlapping Plants:

Just a note about what I mention regarding burlapping a plant. 
This involved digging a plant from a nursery bed, taking as much of the rootball as possible and wrapping it in hessian to keep the soil intact and help prevent moisture loss. 

If you have any questions about potting up plants in different types of containers, why not write in to

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