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April 18th, 2013

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Design Elements

with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid

This month, Design elements is
still fixing your garden design problems that are based on soil conditions in
your garden.

You might have light coloured
sandy soil, or red or black coloured heavy clay type soil, or maybe your soil
is limey and quite alkaline.

You could have a mix of a few
types of soil profiles depending on your site.
Each one of these soil profiles
has advantages and disadvantages.

Today we’re discussing sandy soil.Let’s find out how to garden with
this particular soil profile in garden?

Sandy soil might be easy to dig but
also dries out very quickly and is usually a lot poorer in nutrients that
heavier types of soils.
Adding sand to clay soils doesn’t
improve clay soils, it just makes sandy clay, and that’s just a bad
There’s quite a few things you can
do to improve sandy soil profiles, but remember if you try and do it all at
once it’ll overwhelm you and you’ll feel like giving up. Be like the tortoise,
easy does it, and a bit at a time. Over time, you’ll manage the conditions and
have a fabulous garden, guaranteed/
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