Real World Gardener Introduction to Garden Styles in Design Elements

March 12th, 2019


Garden Styles: Introduction to Federation, Modern, Formal and French ProvincialStyles of Gardens.


How well do you know your garden history in Australia?

For example when did the Federation garden style begin and end and when did the Modern garden style begin and end?

What were the components of the Federation style?

Let’s find out a little bit about each style.

I'm talking with Danielle Collier from Artistic Horticulture


Garden styles have a long history, much longer that we might think.

Formal gardens for example have their origins in Persia all those centuries ago.

What does it mean for us gardeners?

Well we can embrace a style for our gardens which will in the end give us immense satisfaction.


For Federation gardens, built features such as fountains and gazebos were important. (Pictured)


If you have any questions either for me Danielle why not write in to

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