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May 9th, 2020


Saving Water and Soil Wetters

The weather has started to cool especially in some districts, however, there are still others that are experiencing warm conditions. 
Not far from many gardeners thoughts, are saving water. 
For those on town water, the water bill may seem pretty high but if you’re relying on tank water, then water may need to be conserved ever so carefully.

In this next segment, Steve and I go through some water saving tactics, some old some new. 
I'm talking with Steve Falcioni from 
Let’s find out . 

There are plenty of water saving tips that you could try if you're not doing that alrady.

  1. Wash your vegetables in a tub of water
  2. Run-off the cold water for your shower into a bucket or watering can
  3. Direct the water from your washing machine onto the garden.
  • Grey water is not regarded as sterile. You should not be storing grey water.
  • Not safe for edible plants.

How Wetting Agents Work?

Soils that have been dry for a long period or are low in organic matter may become water repellant.

When you water, it tends to run off or pool on the surface.

Why? soil particles develop waxy coating.

Wetting agents contain molecules that adhere to waxy particles and water at the same time.

When applied to the soil, the molecule grabs onto the soil particle that's coated in wax, so that when you water,  the water gets grabbed by the wetting agent so the water penetrates the soil.


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