Real World Gardener How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer in Talking Flowers

May 21st, 2020


How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer.

I'm talking with Mercedes Sarmini



Basics: Mercedes' definition of cut flowers to help you with how to treat them. 

Mercedes, classifies them not by their sexual reproduction organs by into two categories, seed grown or grown from a bulb, corm, rhizome or tuber.

  • Male Cut flowers: grow from a bulb, corm, rhizome or tuber.
  • Female cut flowers: grow from seed.
  • Male cut flowers: stems are cut straight across.
  • Female cut flowers: stems are cut on an angle.

How Much Water Do I Put into the Vase?

Mr Tulip: Mr Hyacinth: Orchids: shallow water only.

Miss Sunflower: Miss Gerbera: shallow water only.


  • Change the water daily-use only filtered water or water that has been standing for 4 hours.

Flower food:change the water on the third day. 

Not all cut flowers like flower food-anything native, woody stem cut flowers.

  • Mist your flowers daily for orchids with only filtered water.
  • Cut your flowers when early morning or evening when starch is at it's highest within the stem.


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